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The Hub aims to develop advanced separation materials, innovative products and smart processes to reduce the energy consumption of separation processes which underpin Australian industry. The Hub focuses on the development, synthesis, characterisation and integration of advanced materials (membranes, adsorbents and resins), across scales to enable novel products. The intended research outcomes allow the majority of Australian industry to become more energy-efficient and cost-competitive in a global economy. 

Designing the building blocks for an advanced manufacturing nation
The economic impact of the ARC Research Hub for Energy-Efficient Separation

About Us

We are a research hub funded by ARC in 2017 to transform key Australian industries, water, mining, chemical, oil and gas, to be more energy-efficient, cost-competitive, and environmentally sustaininble.


We have organised events from time to time.

Our Projects

Our projects aim to advance the capabilities of separation technology developers in the manufacture of advanced separation materials and equipment to be world-leading technology providers in separation technologies.


All the latest news from ARC-EESEP.

Our Team

Our team is composed of highly trained and experience people from universities and industry.



We have a list of recorded talks and webinars.

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