The Hub aims to develop advanced separation materials, innovative products and smart processes to reduce the energy consumption of separation processes which underpin Australian industry. The Hub focuses on the development, synthesis, characterisation and integration of advanced materials (membranes, adsorbents and resins), across scales to enable novel products. The intended research outcomes allow the majority of Australian industry to become more energy-efficient and cost-competitive in a global economy. 

Latest News

Plenary Talks - IBMM-iEESEP 2018 held in Melbourne on 23 - 27 Jan 2018

IBMM-iEESEP2018 Plenary Talk by Prof Tony Fane titled Bioinspired membrane engineering for water applications.

IBMM-iEESEP2018 Plenary Talk by Prof Lei Jiang tited Smart interfacial materials from super-wettability to binary cooperative complementary systems

IBMM-iEESEP2018 Plenary Talk by Prof Liang Yin Chu tiled Bioinspired smart gating membranes.

IBMM-iEESEP2018 Plenary Talk by Prof Dongyuan Zhao titled Functional mesoporous nanomaterials: fabrication and enhanced bioapplications.

IBMM-iEESEP2018 Plenary Talk by  Dr Anita Hill titled Architecturing nanospace for highly efficient gas separations.

About Us

We are a research hub funded by ARC in 2017 to transform key Australian industries, water, mining, chemical, oil and gas, to be more energy-efficient, cost-competitive, and environmentally sustaininble.


We have successfully held our first conference IBMM-iEESEP2018 in Melbourne from 23 - 27 Jan 2018.

Our Projects

Our projects aim to advance the capabilities of separation technology developers in the manufacture of advanced separation materials and equipment to be world-leading technology providers in separation technologies.


All the latest news from ARC-EESEP.

Our Team

Our team is composed of highly trained and experience people from universities and industry.

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Scientific & Industry Webinar Series: By Mr Bruce Biltoft & Mr Gerin James

9 September 2020 

A great talk delivered by Mr Bruce Biltoft & Mr Gerin James from DuPont Water Solutions titled "UF To MBR, The Evolution Of Advanced WW Re-use". Both of them shared the practical uses of membrane in the  water recycle / reuse plants in America, China, Singapore and Australia. In order to achieve smaller footprint, membrane bio-reactor (MBR) is used to replace the settling and filtration processes in the water treatment plant. Furthermore, they also showed that MBR has reduced energy significantly  in the operation stage. If you missed the webinar, click HERE to watch.  

Scientific & Industry Webinar Series: By Dr Dharma Dharmabalan

19 August 2020 

Dr Dharmabalan has given a presentation about "The role of Membranes in drinking and recycle water management Post COVID-19" from the perspective of industry player. He has more than 30 years experience working with water industry and he led the team in TasWater to deliver a program named "24 Glasses in 24 Months". In his presentation, he shared with the audiences about the evolution of water services, water safety from the historical perspectives, water challenges over centuries, technologies adaption to overcome the problems, the role of membranes in water industry in post COVID-19 era and the needs of reviewing the risk management plans. If you missed the webinar, click HERE to watch.

ABC News Interview

11 August 2020 

Interviewed by ABC News, Prof Huanting Wang (Deputy Director of ARC- EESEP) shared his team's success to make brackish water and seawater clean and drinkable in less than 30 minutes - using sunlight and absorbent materials.

 Publication on Nature Sustainability by Prof Huanting Wang

10 August 2020 

Brilliant research done by the research team led by Prof Huanting Wang (Deputy Director of ARC- EESEP). Desalination using MOF material with the power of sunlight, a cheaper and more energy-efficient separation process.

Scientific & Industry Webinar Series: By Prof Huanting Wang

5 August 2020 

Prof Huanting Wang from Monash University has delivered a great and inspired talk in the Scientific & Industry Webinar  Series  titled Nanochannel membranes for fast water evaporation and proton transport. Two kinds of membranes, which are graphene membrane and ZIP-8 membranes, demonstrated fast water evaporation and proton conduction. If you missed the webinar, click HERE to watch.

Scientific & Industry Webinar Series: By Dr Ludovic Dumee

22 July 2020 

The Scientific & Industry Webinar Series is co-organised by the hub, MCMI and MSA, Our first webinar was delivered by Dr Ludovic Dumee from Deakin University. His presentation topic is "Perspectives on the development of membrane catalytic reactors – key process and materials bottlenecks". Specially thanks to Dr Dumee for the great and informative presentation and also sharing his experience which has benefited to the ECRs & students. If you missed the webinar, click HERE to watch.

ARC-EESep & WaterRA Water Innovation Webinar Series: Challenges and solutions for resilient regional water supply

8 July 2020 

The second webinar for the Water Innovation Webinar Series on Challenges and solutions for resilient regional water supply has been successfully held. Specially thanks to our distinguished speakers, Ms Jacqueline Frizenschaf (WaterRA), Mr Raj Mahendrarajah (Coliban Water), Dr Dharma Dharmabalan (Dharmabalan Advisory), Ms Eleanor Jackson (Oxfam Monash Partnership), Mr Jimi Peters (Oxfam Australia), Dr Yue Liu (Monash University), Dr Farzaneh Mahmoudi (Monash University) and Mr Jim Fear (SEQ Water) for their informative and great presentations. The challenges and possible solutions for the regional water solutions were discussed in the webinar. If you missed the webinar, click HERE to watch.

Laureate Fellowship - Prof Huanting Wang

8 July 2020 

Professor Huanting Wang (Deputy Director of the Hub) has received a prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Fellowship for his work in nanoporous materials and composite membranes - research that supports innovations in renewable energy, mining and clean water. Congratulations!

Zoom Webinar: Membrane Technologies in Food Industry

24 June 2020 

Another great webinar co-organised together with MCMI and MSA, we are proud to have 6 speakers joining us to share and discuss on the membrane technologies in the food industry.  A dynamic of attendees from the academic and industry has joined the webinar and great conversation has occurred. Special thanks to our speakers: Prof Sandra Kentish (The University of Melbourne), Mr Stephen Pease (DuPont Water Solutions), Prof Huanting Wang (Monash University), Mr Filip Janakievski (CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre), Dr Ruohui Lin (Monash University) and Dr Qinfu Hou (Monash University). If you missed the webinar, click HERE to watch.

Patent Filed by A/Prof Matthew Hill

11 June 2020 

Great job from the hub CI, A/Prof Matthew Hill GAICD team. A device to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, with super low costs.