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About Us


Our hub is a critical “one-stop-shop” to solve pressing industry problems in separation.

Our Aims

  • Advance the capabilities of separation technology developers in the manufacture of advanced separation materials and equipment to be world-leading technology providers in separation technologies

  • Transform the key end users of separation technologies (water, mining, chemical, oil and gas) to be more energy-efficient, cost-competitive, and environmentally sustainable

Our Research Activities

  • To create high-performance, precisely designed separation materials including membranes, adsorbents and resins through the integration of low-dimensional nanomaterials (1D, 2D and 3D materials) into separation materials manufacturing

  • To invent low-cost, scalable and green methods for the synthesis of low-dimensional nanomaterials and assemble them into nanostructured separation materials

  • To develop energy-efficient separation modules and packaged equipment using nanostructured separation materials for adoption by downstream industries to lower energy consumption of manufacturing or processing

  • To demonstrate innovative applications of new separation materials and equipment at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6-7 and Commercial Readiness Index of 3 or above, so that industry can scale up and construct demonstration/full scale plants that are critical for Australian industries and SMEs

  • To train a high-skilled workforce with rich knowledge of materials synthesis, equipment manufacturing and process design for Australian separation-related industries

Download the hub brochure to learn more about the hub.​


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