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Invited Speakers


Asst /Prof Qianhong She

Nanyang Technological University

Research Interest:

Energy-efficient separation technologies for water, energy and environment related applications such as water reuse, desalination, brine disposal, trace pollutant removal, renewable energy harvesting, and resource recovery from waste.


Prof Zhining Wang

Shandong University

Research Interest:

Water purification; nanomaterials; membrane technologies; membrane separation; desalination; ultrafiltration; reserve osmosis; interfacial science; nanofiltration; forward osmosis; biomimetic membrane.


A/Prof Pierre Le-Clech


Research Interest:

Membrane and separation technologies; chemical engineering; water treatment processes; wastewater treatment processes.

liang Wu.jpg

Prof Liang Wu

University of Science and Technology of China

Research Interest:

Membranes, polymerisation, nanotechnology, fuel cell, polymer electrolytes, membrane technologies.

Yuning Huo.jpg

Prof Yuning Huo

Shanghai Normal University

Research Interest:

Photocatalytic reaction; graphene oxide; water and wastewater treatment; photocatalytic composite; antibacterial activity.

David wang.png

Dr David Wang

The University of Sydney

Research Interest:

Fundamentals and applications of material design and engineering in complex membranes and nanomaterials. Develop innovative solutions to major separation and sustainability challenges in the water-energy nexus.

faizal hai.jpg

A/Prof Faisal Hai

University of Wollongong

Research Interest:

Water/wastewater treatment/reuse--membrane, biological, enzymatic and adsorption technologies;  Remediation of emerging contaminants (micropollutant, microplastic, PFAS etc.) and microbial contamination (e.g., Legionella) from water; Groundwater management; Waste management, sludge management and energy recovery; Biofuel production.


Dr Colin Scholes

The University of Melbourne

Research Interest:

Separation Technology (Membrane). He is the recipient of 2012 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards for Victoria for his work in Climate Change Mitigation.  Dr Scholes is developing efficient filtering membranes to separate carbon from industry gases such as coal-fired power stations.


Dr Huacheng Zhang

Monash University

Research Interest:

Bioinspired ion channels;

Nanochannel/nanopore materials; Nanofluidic devices; Smart ionic transport; Metal organic framework membranes; Molecular separation; Ion sieving; Ion selectivity; Chiral separation.


Assoc. Prof. Phaik Eong Poh

Monash University, Malaysia

Research Interest:

Low cost solutions that could treat wastewater and generate useful by-products that could lead to positive impact in the industry; conserve freshwater by developing technologies that could aid treatment and recycling of domestic wastewater without producing any secondary wastes; integrate wastewater and food waste treatment to create a sustainable waste management system and look at possibilities of integrating wastewter treatment from various industries.


Dr Xing Yang

Victoria University

Research Interest:

Membrane applications on liquid/gas and liquid/liquid membrane contactors
; high concentration membrane distillation (MD) applications for zero discharge and solute recovery; 

organic and inorganic membrane applications for volatile compound removal and recovery; process simulations of pilot-scale membrane systems for energy and cost evaluation; membrane module design and CFD fluid dynamics modeling;
two-phase flow intensification and membrane scaling control associated with crystallization kinetics studies; 
membrane characterization and surface modification; non-invasive flow analysis using NMR.


A/Prof Zhaoliang Cui

Nanjing Tech University

Research Interest:

Fundamental research and industrializations of polymeric porous membranes for MF/UF/MD.

ludovic dumee.jpg

Dr Ludovic Dumee

Deakin University

Research Interest:

Development of novel nano-materials for water desalination, industrial waste purification and gas separation; fabricate nano-porous metal membranes by de-alloying, metal nano-fibre spinning, nano-particle electrical sintering and metal functionalized block co-polymer self-assembly.


Dr Lizhong He

Monash University

Research Interest:

Interface between biomolecules and nanomaterials towards the building of new functional products.


Prof Hongqi Sun

Edith Cowan University

Research Interest:

Solar energy conversion and utilization; Novel catalysis; 

Nanomaterials and 

nanotechnologies; Advanced oxidation processes; Fossil fuels upgrading.

kathy northcotte.png

Dr Kathy Northcott

Water Research Association

Research Interest:

water quality issues such as heavy metals and PFAS contamination;

water/wastewater plant design for the Australian Antarctic Division.

linhua fan.jpg

Dr Linhua Fan

RMIT University

Research Interest:

Drinking water and wastewater treatment. Membrane technology. Water recycling. Waste minimisation/recovery in chemical processes.

xiaohong qian.jpg

Prof Xiaohong Qian

University of Arkansas

Research Interest:

The fundamental processes involved in carbohydrate chemistry, smart polymers for drug delivery and protein purification, virus clearance, protein folding and misfolding using complementary experimental and theoretical and computational tools.  Ab initio and classical molecular dynamics simulation methods combined with static quantum mechanical calculations are used to elucidate the many underlying chemical and biochemical processes at the molecular level.

Yang Hui Ying.png

Dr Hui Ying Yang

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Research Interest:

The design and fabrication of low dimensional nanomaterials;  fundamental materials and structure-property relationships; chemical doping, work function engineering and defect states analysis in one dimensional and two dimensional nanomaterials for a variety of applications in high efficient optoelectronics devices, electrochemical energy storage and water purification to generate economic benefits for Singapore.

Qinfu Hou CE headshot 2019.jpg

Dr Qinfu Hou

Monash University

Research Interest:

Desalination, Solar Energy Utilization and Water Treatment; Multiphase Flow Modelling; Heat and Mass Transfer; Granular Dynamics.


A/Prof Paul Chen

Naitonal University of Singapore

Research Interest:

Physicochemical treatment of water and wastewater and mathematical modeling of chemical and environmental processes. His current research activities are treatment of toxic metal ions by functionalized membranes and sorbents, ballast water management system, electrochemical technologies for organic and metal waste treatment, and instrumental and modeling analysis of environmental processes.


Dr Zhaoyang Liu

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Research Interest:

Development and optimisation of advanced processes and materials for seawater desalination and wastewater treatment; customised and holistic solutions for industrial wastewater treatment; Anti-fouling pre-treatment for NF/RO membrane processes; purification and re-mineralisation of drinkable water.

Chengzhi Hu.jpg

Prof Chengzhi Hu

Chinese Academy of Science

Research Interest:

Water purification and resource recovery technology.

simon smart.jpeg

A/Prof Simon Smart

The University of Queensland

Research Interest:

Membrane and membrane reactor technologies for clean energy and water applications.

wei shen.jpeg

Prof Wei Shen

Monash University

Research Interest:

Paper surface modification and printing to fabricate micro-fluidic systems on paper, thread and polymer films; powder-liquid interfaces, constructing soft reactors using liquid drops and liquid marbles for stem cell; modify powdery materials for oil spill control; text-reporting paper sensors.


Dr Qilin Wang


Research Interest:

Innovative technologies for water/wastewater treatment; Biological wastewater treatment; Energy and nutrient recovery from sewage sludge and waste; Anaerobic Digestion; 

Sludge dewaterability; Greenhouse gas emission; Microbiological endogenous process; Mathematical modelling of environmental process; Algae.

zongli xie.png

Dr Zongli Xie


Research Interest:

Environmental catalysts for industrial emission control and wastewater treatment, membrane materials and process for desalination and industrial wastewater treatment.

jingwei hou.jpg

Dr Jingwei Hou

The University of Queensland

Research Interest:

The design and engineering of membrane processes for water treatment, gas separation and energy-related applications; surface and interfacial engineering technique for nanocomposite membranes such as metal organic framework, ionic liquid Janus membrane and biocatalytic membranes.


A/Prof Gyorgy Szekely

King Abdullah Universit of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Research Interest:

Sustainable separations through the synergistic combination of materials science and chemical engineering. Sustainable production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and clean water is largely impacted by the efficiency of separation processes in product supply chains. Investigates the potential of advanced membranes and imprinted materials for efficient purification and sustainable processing of fine chemicals and water.

Weiwei Lei.jpg

Dr Weiwei Lei

Deakin University

Research Interest:

Designing novel two- and three-dimensional and porous nanomaterials, especially boron nitride (BN) nanosheets and graphene; developing new nanomaterials for water cleaning, environment protection and green energy conversion and storage devices; plasma surface functionalization of material.

zhe liu.jpg

A/Prof Zhe Liu

The University of Melbourne

Research Interest:

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for alloy design (Alloy thermodynamics and structures);
Nano-Ionics (energy storage and clean environment) (Ion transport in nano-channels); Two-Dimensional active/actuation materials (energy conversion) (Phase transformation and deformation).


Dr Serene Sow Mun Lock

Monash University, Malaysia

Research Interest:

Multiscale simulation; Process modelling; Process simulation; Process design & optimization; Molecular simulation

stefan smith.jpg

Dr Stefan Smith

CSIRO / Monash University

Research Interest:

Development of porous solids and liquids for separations; porous liquids; membranes; adsorbents.

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