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Keynote Speakers

Ingo Pinnau_260px.png

Prof Ingo Pinnau

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Research Interest:

Membrane processes for the separation of gases and liquids: natural gas treatment, CO2 sequestration, hydrogen recovery, olefin/paraffin separation and water purification.

Stefano Freguia 2.jpg

A/Prof Stefano Freguia

The University of Queensland

Research Interest:

Microbial electrochemistry;  electrochemistry for water and wastewater treatment; bioelectrochemistry for resource recovery from waste streams; electro-bioremediation; bioelectrochemical sensing.

Huijuan Liu.jpg

Prof Huijuan Liu

Tshinghua University

Research Interest:

Water purifying principle and technology of adsorption, coagulation, and electro-chemical processes; the mechanism of advanced water purifying processes.


Dr Dharma Dharmabalan


Research Interest:

Responsible for the oversight and governance of the capital works program through the provision of planning design, engineering and construction services for all water and wastewater assets.

Baoyu Gao.jpg

Prof Baoyu Gao

Shandong University

Research Interest:

Preparation and properties of new kinds of coagulant/flocculant and adsorbents, coagulation/ flocculation and adsorption for water and wastewater, water and wastewater treatment technology.


Prof Stephen Gray

Victoria University

Research Interest:

Desalination; high rate separation processes; integrated water management; membranes; water recycling; water research; water treatment.

Keith MurphyPortrait96dpi.jpg

Dr Keith Murphy

Air Products

Research Interest:

Separations and purification technologies; membrane separations; membrane research and development; gas separations and purification; new product development; process development and scale-up; Patents and Trade Secret.

Dan Wang.jpg

Prof Dan Wang

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interest:

Controllable Synthesis of  Multi-shelled Hollow Structures; Constuction of Hierarchically Mesostructure. Energy Conversion and Storage;  Photocatalysis and  Photosynthesis; Drug Release  and  Biological Detection; Bioseparation and Bone substitutes.

bo jin.png

Prof Bo Jin

The University of Adelaide

Research Interest:

Integrated biotechnology and chemical process for production of renewable energy and materials; functional materials and process for water/wastewater treatment; energy production and bioelectrochemical system and technologies, 

dan li.jpg

Prof Dan Li

The University of Melbourne

Research Interest:

Colloidal processing of advanced materials; Electrochemical energy materials and devices (e.g. supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells); Flexible electronics; Graphene-based materials and related atomically thin materials; Materials systems engineering; Nanoionics and nanofluidics; New ion separation technologies such as capacitive deionization


Dr Jing Guan

Origin Water Group

Research Interest:

Water treatment engineering;  wastewater treatment and reuse; membrane technology development; industrial wastewater treatment and reuse and water resources management.

Shaobin Wang.png

Prof Shaobin Wang

The University of Adelaide

Research Interest:

Nanomaterials synthesis and applications; fuels and energy conversion; methane conversion and olefin production; reaction engineering and design; environmental engineering and wastewater treatment; industrial wastes management and utilisation; carbon dioxide recycling and utilisation; air pollution and control technology.

Rakesh Joshi _2.jpg

Dr Rakesh Joshi


Research Interest:

2D Materials (Graphene & Metal Chalcogenides-MOS2); Nanomaterials; Semiconductor Thin Films; Sustainable Materials and Chemical Vapor Deposition.

Ho Kyong Shon.jpg

Prof Hokyong Shon


Research Interest:

Membrane technologies; organic matter characterization and removal from water; wastewater treatment and reuse technologies; desalination; advanced oxidation processes; nanoparticle for water purification.

Lingxue Kong.png

Prof Lingxue Kong

Deakin University

Research Interest:

Micro and nanofabrications and systems include: micro and nanosystems using microfluidics and nanofluidics for biomedical and environmental applications; and micro and nano characterization.


A/Prof Matthew Hill

CSIRO & Monash University

Research Interest:

Development and application of porous materials: storage, separation and triggered release of small molecules with adsorbents and membranes, flow chemistry, lithium-sulfur batteries and supercapacitors.


Professor Mainak Majumder

Monash University

Research Interest:

Applies fundamentals of materials science, notably Carbon, to emerging and multidisciplinary areas of separation engineering & energy storage and in doing so, creates scientific & business opportunities. He has developed an international reputation for inventing innovative fabrication & processing methods, grounded on strong fundamentals, with impact in a wide gamut of engineering applications for e.g. membrane-based separations, supercapacitors, batteries, strain sensors, micro-/nano-fluidics and anti-corrosion coatings.

Tao He.jpg

Prof Tao He

Shanghai Tech University

Research Interest:

interfacial interaction at the water/polymer/air interface, membrane distillation, forward osmosis, acid/solvent resistant membranes, membrane extraction for precious metals and isotope separation, high temperature solid battery barriers.

felicity roddick.jpg

Emeritus Prof Felicity Roddick

RMIT University

Research Interest:

Drinking water and wastewater treatment. Membrane technology. Advanced Oxidation Processes. Water recycling. Waste minimisation/recovery in chemical processes.


Dr Anita Hill


Research Interest:

Materials and process engineering and, more specifically, in transport of atoms, ions and small molecules in condensed matter.

Bingcai Pan.jpg

Prof Bingcai Pan

Nanjing University

Research Interest:

Advanced water and wastewater treatment based on the development of nanomaterials and nanotechology, polymeric adsorbents, advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), as well as biotechnology all the way from molecule up to full scale.


Prof Mikel Duke

Victoria University

Research Interest:

Enhancing material functionality in advanced inorganic and polymer composite membrane systems; desalination energy reduction in reverse osmosis and membrane distillation; novel applications of membranes in biological fermentation processes; nanotube membrane films development and separation performance; application of membranes in established industrial and novel processes; high temperature membrane gas separation for carbon-free energy; process modelling of membrane systems for optimal energy and cost arrangements.


Prof Long Nghiem


Research Interest:

Membrane separation processes (including pressure driven membrane filtration, forward osmosis, membrane distillation, facilitated transport membrane, membrane electrolysis, and membrane bioreactor); anaerobic digestion; molecular biology; urban water management.


Prof Ranil Wickramasinghe

MAST Center & University of Arkansas

Research Interest:

Synthetic membrane-based separation processes for purification of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, treatment and reuse of water and for the production of biofuels.  Typical unit operations include:  microfiltration, ultrafiltration, virus filtration, nanofiltration, membrane extraction etc. 

Surface modification of membranes in order to impart unique surface properties.  His group is actively developing responsive membranes and development of catalytic membranes for biomass hydrolysis by grafting catalytic groups to the membrane surface.

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